The official blog of globetrotting adventurer Aym Geronimo and her team of experts, the PostModern Pioneers. Here you can find out behind the scene secrets, information and thoughts from each the of PMP's and tales of their many adventures.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Greetings and Salutations

Yeah so I am a Trek nut, big surprise. :)

Hi, welcome to the official blog of AYM GERONIMO and the POSTMODERN PIONEERS! I will be sharing all kinds of things with you readers out there. Bios, information, designs, pictures and of course, secrets. ;)

The other PMP gang and AYM herself will also chime in from time to time to share things as well, so that should be a lot of fun. WIND might be hard to convince though.

But best of all I will be relating tales of some of the adventures and escapades of our nifty little adventure team and our always dynamic and awesome leader, AYM GERONIMO.

So keep tuning in and I will do my best to bring the goods. And don't forget to email me with suggestions, requests , comments and yes even criticisms for you cynical types out there. (What makes me just KNOW I will be hearing from WIND? :)

Okay, so that's all for this introductory post but very soon I will have more. Never fear! 'Kay?

Squeezes and Smooches