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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Donations for Lea Hernandez

A call to arms for my fellow Texan and fabulous talent Lea Hernandez. Below I have reprinted the plea that Gail Simone made on the Dixonverse. (www.dixonverse.com) Give what you can folks.


Early this morning, the Texas home of award-winning writer/artist Lea Hernandez, my friend and co-creator of the graphic novel Killer Princesses, caught fire and burned. Half her house is now gone, and the rest is smoke-damaged. In addition, she lost at least six of her family’s beloved pets, two dogs and four cats. If you knew Lea, you’d know how devastating that is.

She’s lost a great deal of her family’s possessions, including irreplaceable art. She doesn’t yet know the full accounting of what’s been lost at this time.

Most know Lea as the brilliant creator of such works as Rumble Girls and Cathedral Child. She drew the Marvel Mangaverse PUNISHER book, and has drawn for TRANSMETROPOLITAN, among many other accomplishments. She is also the co-founder and original editor for GIRL-A-MATIC, one of the most important venues for female-friendly comics created to date.

She’s also my friend, and it’s entirely possible I wouldn’t have a career in comics if she hadn’t asked me to write Killer Princesses for her to draw.

And finally, Lea is one of the last great firebrand hellraisers in comics.

Lea has two (wonderful, amazing) special needs children and right now they need a place to stay and some clothes to wear. More than that, they need
some help, and fast, in the form of donations to her paypal account. Lea’s a proud person so I’m going to ask FOR her. This is important, and a great chance to do a wonderful thing for a creator who has consistently enriched this industry we all love so much. Please, take a moment and send WHATEVER YOU CAN to Lea’s paypal account and help make this time a little bit less painful for someone who would do the same for you if the positions were reversed.

If you’re a retailer, I ask that you set up a donations jar. If you’re a creator, I ask you to think of how devastating this would be to your career and donate what you can. If you’re a reader, I’m asking you to take a moment and hit the paypal link. You’ll be doing something heroic and you’ll feel great about it, I promise.

Read what Lea had to post on a neighbor’s computer while wearing her pajamas at: Livejournal.com/users/divalea

Donate (PLEASE) to her paypal account at: divalea@gmail.com

Finally, if I understand the story correctly (as told to me by Lea’s good friend and current Girl-a-matic editor), it was Lea’s daughter hearing the smoke alarm that allowed the family to get out in time, so for God’s sake, do everyone you love a favor and CHECK YOUR SMOKE ALARMS.

Thank you so much for helping. Really, any amount you can send will make a difference. That’s all I can say.

And also, if you have a blog or a myspace account, please spread this around as best you can. Every little bit will help and every eye that sees this might be someone who donates.

Sincerely and gratefully,

Gail Simone

Monday, August 21, 2006

Greetings and Salutations

Yeah so I am a Trek nut, big surprise. :)

Hi, welcome to the official blog of AYM GERONIMO and the POSTMODERN PIONEERS! I will be sharing all kinds of things with you readers out there. Bios, information, designs, pictures and of course, secrets. ;)

The other PMP gang and AYM herself will also chime in from time to time to share things as well, so that should be a lot of fun. WIND might be hard to convince though.

But best of all I will be relating tales of some of the adventures and escapades of our nifty little adventure team and our always dynamic and awesome leader, AYM GERONIMO.

So keep tuning in and I will do my best to bring the goods. And don't forget to email me with suggestions, requests , comments and yes even criticisms for you cynical types out there. (What makes me just KNOW I will be hearing from WIND? :)

Okay, so that's all for this introductory post but very soon I will have more. Never fear! 'Kay?

Squeezes and Smooches